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Are you getting ready to make your first developer hire? Or maybe you're already acquainted with recruitment, but you're worried that it's not optimized, and the majority of your candidates fall out of your pipeline? This free ebook prepared in cooperation with experienced software developers is based on their professional experiences with employers and recruiters and delivers essential insights on what makes them interested in the offer, and what factors are considered red flags. Learn what skills should you look for in your future employee, how you should approach the candidates, what challenges prepare to make the candidates want to solve them, and how to be generally more agile with your process.

Table of contents:

  1. What code challenge I am willing to go through – how not to waste developer’s time?
  2. How to check if your next AI developer is talented – 3 most effective ways
  3. Recruiter's guide to assessing Blockchain Engineers
  4. How can you effectively identify a good remote tech lead?
  5. An agile approach – a great way to eliminate flaws from your recruiting process
  6. How to get developers hooked onto your LinkedIn messages?
  7. How to write an eye-catching IT job ad without scaring off potential candidates?
  8. Why you should take care of your candidate experience – 5 tips for your company
  9. How to get in the developer’s shoes and make the most of your recruitment?
  10. Obstacles that even the best candidates can face in the next steps of recruitment

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